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LS14 LEEDS - Killingbeck, Seacroft, Scarcroft, Swarcliffe, T

Leeds City Council purchased Whinmoor from the Tadcaster Rural District Council to build homes as an extension of the Seacroft housing development. In the early 1960s the council had planned to build 5,000 dwellings, a small shopping centre and other amenities with a pedestrian link to Seacroft.

Killingbeck is home to a major police station in Leeds, the 'Killingbeck Police Station', which deals with all calls in east Leeds.

In addition, during the First English Civil War, the Battle of Seacroft Moor, 30 March 1643, was fought over the two moors of Winn Moor and Bramham Moor, near Leeds. There is no exact records of Army positions, due to the amount of movement during the battle. As Sir Thomas Fairfax was instructed to capture Tadcaster, the Royalist Northern major-general, Sir William Cavendis 1st Duke of Newcastle-upon-Tyne planned to intercept the smaller opposition. He sent his Lieutenant-General, Lord George Goring to do so; leading a large force of Horse. Fairfax had a problem, due to having a force made up of mainly clubmen (Locally recruited soldiers) and only three troops of Cavalry; this was going to be a 'wake-up-call' for the Parliamentary forces in the North. He was literally 'thrashed' by Goring, beaten back over the moor, with many casualties. Fairfax escaped with just some of his surviving Horse to Leeds, mainly because of bad communication in the ranks. Fairfax quoted that it was "the greatest loss we ever received".

The village appears in the 1086 Domesday Book as "Torneure" (also "Tornoure") means "thorn bank". The Thorner parish area used to include the nearby villages of Scarcroft and Shadwell. Thorner is also noted for having no street lighting, and a pétanque area, and a facility where the youngsters of the community can meet.Thorner is a countryside village and civil parish in the City of Leeds in West Yorkshire,England located between Seacroft and Wetherby. It is situated not far away from the A1,A58 and A64 trunk roads. It is 8 miles (13 km) north-east of Leeds city centre and 7 miles (11 km) to the south-west of Wetherby, and has a population of 1,503.

Travel to and from the village by public transport is easy via the 770 bus route (operated by the Transdev Harrogate & District bus company). The journey takes roughly half an hour from Leeds and an hour from Harrogate. Wetherby and Leeds city centre are both approximately 15 minutes drive away at quieter times.

Killingbeck is a district of east Leeds, West Yorkshire, England that is situated between Seacroft to the north, Cross Gates and Whitkirk to the east, Gipton to the west, Halton Moor to the south,Halton to the south east and Osmondthorpe to the south west. It blends in to the Cross Gates and Seacroft areas, and lies at the junction of the A63 (Selby) Road and A64 (York) Roads. Killingbeck was formerly home to Killingbeck Colliery. The area isn't very large and its borders difficult to define. However it is generally accepted that it runs along York Road, taking in the retail park, the former Killingbeck Hospital, the cemetery, the police station and Halfords.

Recently new private houses have been built close to Killingbeck Drive, across the road from Seacroft Hospital and a short distance from the location of Asda, B&Q and COMET stores. Further up the A64 York Road there is a Halfords and an early Burger King. In between the two groups of shops there is a small parade of local shops containing a post office, off licence, fish and chip shop and Cash Converters, Pawnbroker.

In November 655 AD the Battle of the Winwaed took place around the Whinmoor area with Oswiu of Bernicias army defeating the army of King Penda of Mercia.

Whinmoor is residential area of Leeds, West Yorkshire, England The area is 5 miles (8 km) to the north east of the city centre, adjacent to Swarcliffe and Seacroft in the LS14 Leeds postcode area. Historically the area was not part of the Leeds Country Borough but part of the Tadcaster Rural District, both of which at the time were in the West Riding of Yorks

Killingbeck Hospital, famous for its heart surgery, was located in the area until it closed in 1998, when services were transferred to the new Jubilee Wing at Leeds General Infirmary. Currently, Killingbeck is most notable for its Asda superstore and B&Q warehouse.

Seacroft is Yorkshire's second largest council estate, after Bransholme in Kingston upon Hull. Being so large it has often been referred to as a town. The original vision, envisaged by the council was that it would be a 'Town within the City Limits', and the Seacroft Civic Centre, was often referred to as the 'Seacroft Town Centre'.

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