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LS3 LEEDS Woodhouse Leeds flats and houses

The area contains two mosques and one Hindu temple alongside outlets primarily catering for the student population there remain a number of smaller shops selling largely traditional South Asian goods. This arguably lessens the impact of studentification,though some community groups do consider this to be a problem and tension exists.

In July 2005, Hyde Park became the focus of international attention as police carried out a raid connected to the 7 July 2005 London bombings. Officers used a controlled explosion to enter a property at 28 Alexandra Grove, situated roughly where the Hyde Park and Burley areas meet. Hundreds of local residents were evacuated as police searched the house, one of six in West Yorkshire to be raided that day. Despite media speculation the house had allegedly been used as a 'bomb factory' by the suicide bombers, police later said they found no explosives in the property.

Hyde Park and Woodhouse is an inner-city area of north-west Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, situated between the University of Leeds and Headingley.

Hyde Park is the home of the Hyde Park Picture House, an independent, historic, art house cinema. The Royal Park, on Queen's Road, is a large pub with a downstairs gig venue, popular with the student population, and next door stands the Brudenell Social Club, a members club which has recently taken on a new role as a venue for local and underground music. The area is also home to the Hyde Park Social Club, a members-only pub

The area suffers considerable social deprivation including high unemployment, bad housing stock and a high crime rate. In July 1995 the area suffered serious rioting after the taking over of a local pub, The Newlands, by the police to be used in surveillance. The local community rallied and created Unity Day, a popular community festival started by the Hyde Park Residents Association held on the adjacent Woodhouse Moor, usually in August.

It is mainly in the Hyde Park & Woodhouse ward, though some areas of what is often considered to be Hyde Park lie within the Headingley Ward. The area is in the centre of the city's student community. Being next to Headingley, a large student community, Hyde Park is now an established alternative student district. Alongside the students it also has a sizable South Asian community.

Nowadays a large number of houses in Hyde Park are owned by private landlords due to the area's proximity to the city'scolleges and universities.

The majority of residential properties in the area are late Victorian and Edwardian back-to-back brick terraces or face onto wide streets with communal access alleyways at the rear. A small area of 1970s council housing lies between Hyde Park Road and Woodsley Road, these replaced terrace housing demolished due to slum clearance. Main roads are cambered and some still retain original Yorkstone pavements and iron guttering.

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