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LS9 LEEDS - Burmantofts, Cross Green, East End Park, Gipton,

It is situated between Burmantofts and Gipton, and adjacent to Chapeltown. As the name suggests it is a hill area, basically a south-facing slope, with many streets of terraced houses on hills. In the middle is Banstead Park, a grassy slope with trees and play areas, giving a view over the city of Leeds. Banstead Park was home to rioting in 2001.Along with neighbouring Chapeltown, Harehills has suffered from rioting and sporadic unrest. However, there have been no notable incidents of unrest in Harehills since 2001.

Burmantofts is an area of 1960s high-rise housing blocks in inner-city east Leeds, West Yorkshire, England adjacent to the city centre and St. James's Hospital. It is a racially diverse area, with sizable Afro-Caribbean and Irish communities, but suffers the social problems typical of similar areas across the country. The area has a small selection of pubs and a working mens club on Torre Road. Burmantofts is perhaps most notable for Burmantofts Pottery and the former Burtons textile factory, which is still owned by Burtons, but only used as a storage facility. In the 1900s and early twentieth century, Burmantofts was a large centre of the textile industry.

The cheaper housing has made it attractive to immigrants, with the result that it has a considerable cultural and ethnic mixture. There are two main shopping streets, Harehills Lane and Harehills Road which join at the junction of Roundhay Road (A58 road) leading to Oakwood. Also, heading 0.6 miles (1 km) up Harehills Lane towards the A64 York Road at the junction with Compton Road, is Harehills's other main shopping area.

Official Government figures have listed Harehills as the 429th most deprived of England’s 8,414 electoral wards – in the top 5%. Unemployment in Harehills is at 9%, compared to less than 4% across the City of Leeds

Gipton derives from Old English: the first element is a personal name: in this case, it is Gippa (same as in Ipswich, although almost certainly not the same man) and tun "village, settlement, farm" (here, it refers to a village). The town's name was recorded as Cepetun, suggesting village with a market, suggesting a trading-town, or residence of the traders, as with Market Weighton. The first element of the name in the Domesday Book record wrongly suggests Old English ceap "market, trading-place", but it was a corruption of the personal name, Gippa. However, a record from 1018 as Gipentune proves that the first element is a personal name. The name Coldcotes which prefixes many of the areas street names comes from 'cold cottages'.

Harehills is an inner-city area of east Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. It is approximately 1mile (1.6 km) north east of Leeds city centre. Harehills is situated between the A58 (towards Wetherby) and the A64 (towards York).

The area lies in the LS9 Leeds postcode area between Osmondthorpe, Richmond Hill and Hunslet.

The area is situated in the vicinity of the A64 York Road, east Leeds' main thoroughfare, and is also home to a large park dating back from Victorian times which was purchased by Leeds City Council in the late 19th century, when it was waste land. Housing in the area is made up of nineteenth-century through terraced housing, some back-to-back terraced housing, found more commonly closer to the city centre, and semi-detached and detached houses are also in the area. Many of the back-to-back terraced houses in the area are due to be demolished as part of the £1.3 billion EASEL regeneration scheme in east and south east Leeds, as are many other similar properties in neighbouring areas Richmond Hill and Cross Green.

Cross Green is a mainly industrial area of Leeds West Yorkshire, England. It is around 2 km (1 mile) to the south east of Leeds city centre.

Crime is unevenly distributed across East End Park. The Glensdales, Templeviews and Charltons are a small cluster of predominately back-to-back streets noted for the majority of the area's crime and have subsequently become a priority area of West Yorkshire Police, crime in the rest of the estate is much less common. The same group of streets are a focus of some of the regeneration in the area.

The area is one of the major Irish communities in Leeds, and is home to the prestigious music venue 'The Irish Centre', the first purpose built Irish Centre in Britain. The centre opened on January 20 1970, although the official opening ceremony was held on 8 June 1970.

Gipton is a suburb of east Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, between the A58 to the north and the A64 to the south. It is joined with Harehills (adjacent to the west) as a City Council Ward. Note that Gipton Wood is an area north of the A58 in the Roundhay Ward.

The 1817 village was somewhat west of the location now called Gipton, featuring the Gipton Spa or bathhouse in what is now Gledhow Valley Woods

St James' University Hospital is partly situated in Harehills.

Cross Green Comprehensive School was a medium sized secondary school set amongst large grounds on Cross Green Lane. In 1998, it changed its name to Copperfields College and was closed due falling numbers and poor results and soon demolised in 2008. The site has now been cleared and all that remains is a painted over sign and a layby in front of the old entrance.

Cross Green is currently experiencing a high level of anti-social behaviour, which the local police and council are working with residents to eliminate. Much of the remaining housing in the area is currently being demolished as part of the EASEL regeneration initiative.

East End Park is an inner city area of east Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. It is situated between Burmantofts to the north west, Harehills to the north east (although not a direct neighbour), Halton Moor to the east, Richmond Hill to the west and Cross Green to the south west. It blends in to Halton Moor/Osmondthorpe area and is 1 mile to the east of Leeds city centre in the LS9 Leeds postcode area.

On the August Bank Holiday the Leeds Carnival is held with a procession through Harehills and Chapeltown.

IMPaCT is a community partnership which aims to improve the Chapeltown and Harehills areas.

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