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Landlords: - Letting your property


Thankyou for considering intercity accommodation


Intercity Accommodation has been established since 1980. We do not sell properties nor do well sell any financial products. Consequently our experience of the letting market and knowledge of the Housing Acts of 1988, 1996 and 2004 is not diverted in any way. Our levels of service are maintained by our policy of strictly limiting the numbers of properties managed at any one time. Since 1980 our occupancy rates have averaged at over 90% per annum. The Housing Advice Centre, Leeds City Council, the Tourist Board and the Trading Standards Department are currently referring prospective tenants to our office. A judicious allocation of our annual advertising budget attracts a sustained level of enquiries throughout the year. Intercity Accommodation is a member The National Approved Letting Scheme (NALS) which is approved by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) and also a member of the Ombudsman scheme. Intercity also has professional indemnity insurance.


Any further questions?

You can view our faq for landlords here here

Please telephone or call into our office. Many people are renting properties for the first time and there are often questions that are particular to your circumstances that we may not have answered. Perhaps you simply want a certain point explaining a bit more. Please do not feel that you are asking a silly question or that you are wasting our time. You may in fact be helping us to avoid any similar confusion in the future.


What should I do next?


If you wish to employ Intercity Accommodation, then please complete the enclosed property information form and return it to our office. We will then commence our marketing and management immediately.


In consideration of you instructing us to act as your sole managing agents we will: -
Visit your property and advise you on the rental income that we feel that you can realistically achieve for the property
Advise you on current demand for your type of property and rented accommodation generally
Advise you on the standards of decor, heating and furniture required for letting of your property
Advise you on consents you may need to obtain prior to the letting such as from your Building Society and Licenses from Leeds City Council and discuss with you any conditions that they might impose on your letting – however we are unable to ensure or monitor your compliance
Advise you on your income tax liabilities
Provide you with guide lines to the gas safety and fire safety requirements
Advise you on your repairing and maintenance responsibilities
Erect a 'to-let' board at your property and arrange appointments with any prospective tenants
Provide an accompanied viewing service for all prospective tenants
Consider applications from prospective tenants and take up references as considered appropriate
Discuss with you, if you so wish, the circumstances and references of any prospective tenants prior to the granting of a tenancy
Prepare and obtain the tenants execution of a Shorthold Assured Tenancy agreement under the terms of the Housing Act 1988 (as amended by Housing Act 1996) as drafted by the Solicitors Law Society and to prepare and serve any appropriate additional notices that may be necessary or that you might require
Prepare an inventory of the contents and schedule of conditions and on your request we will make this available for you to check prior to the tenant entering into possession of the property
Collect a deposit from your tenant usually marginally more than one months rent unless otherwise agreed with you
We will take meter readings for the supply of gas and electricity prior to your tenant’s occupation of the property
We will provide any information that may be requested by companies on behalf of your tenants in respect of utilities to your property such as council tax, water rates and telephone
Demand and collect the rent each month from your tenant including reminder telephone calls, the issuing of reminder letters and visits to the property as may be appropriate
We will prepare a monthly statement of your rent collected detailing any expenses together with an explanation for that expense and receipts
We will pay your net rent to you as soon as your tenants rent has cleared our banking system
We will advise you if the rent has not been paid or if it is paid late and offer you any explanation that we or your tenant may have
We will advise you on how and when you can obtain possession and offer you guidance if you need to instruct a solicitor
We will arrange to inspect your property on a regular basis and provide you with a written report of our observations if any. We will also provide you with a written report of any faults reported by your tenant or any or observations we may have on the property condition or your tenants conduct
We will (if instructed by you) also arrange to provide you with quotations for any repairs or maintenance that may become necessary and provide access by arrangement with your tenant to you and or the contractor
We will deal with all repairs of an emergency nature (including accidental locking out) at your property and provide your tenants with a 24-hour emergency help line telephone number
We will deal with items of maintenance providing that you have instructed us to do so in writing or by email and sufficient funds are available or have been supplied in advance
When your tenants vacate your property, we will use the prepared inventory to inspect the property and use our judgement to assess whether the property is in reasonable condition. You are welcome by prior notice to this office to be present during our inspection. We will then return the deposit within 7 working days to your tenant less any deductions that may have been agreed with you for unreasonable wear and tear, damages or rent arrears
We will take final meter readings for the supply of gas and electricity and notify the appropriate authorities of those readings
We will, at all times, offer you advice as to your rights, duties and responsibilities as a Landlord and offer you guidance as to what performance you can expect from your tenant


In return you must agree to:
Obtain a license if your property requires one and comply with any conditions of that license
Ensure that your property complies with any other H.M.O. (House in Multiple Occupation) condition or selective licensing condition.
Notify your Building Society or lender and receive their permission for you to let your property
Notify your insurance company of your intention to let your property
Remove from the property, prior to our preparation of the inventory, any items that you do not wish to include with the letting
Provide details and paperwork relating to any guarantees and instructions
Provide details of any repair contractors that you might prefer to use although if they are unavailable or cannot respond within a reasonable period of time then our own contractors will be employed
Provide details of your contact telephone/fax number/s and correspondence address during our period as managing agents
Notify us if you do not intend to be resident in the U.K. during the letting
Notify our office in writing and in advance of Intercity Accommodation marketing your property of any restrictions to the letting such as no smokers, no pets no unemployed etc.


Cancellation terms:
The Agency may cancel the management agreement with written notice at any time if your instructions are such that they breach the terms of the tenancy agreement, management agreement or laws of the land.
The Agency may cancel the management agreement with written notice at any time if we consider your instructions unacceptable
Either you or we may end the agreement with at least one month’s written notice. However if you cancel our management whilst a tenancy agreement is still current then we reserve the right to charge to you commissions on the uncollected rent for the remainder of that tenancy agreement or until the tenants vacate the premises, whichever is the later.


Scale of charges

UK Residents Non UK residents
Fee for withdrawal of instructions prior to an application being received £50 & VAT
Fee for withdrawal of instructions after an application has been received but prior to the inception of the tenancy The equivalent of 2 weeks rent & VAT
Letting fee for new tenancies The equivalent of 1 weeks rent & VAT
Renewal of existing tenancies £50.00 & VAT

Management charge
Basic commission rate 11% & VAT 12.5% & VAT
Houses in multiple occupation and for tenants who claim Housing benefit 12.5% & VAT 15% & VAT
Licensable H.M.O’s 15% & VAT 17.5% & VAT
Gas safety inspection/
Electrical safety inspection £25 & cost of inspection based on trade prices
Energy efficiency certificate £150 including cost of inspection
Copy documents £1 & VAT per item
Extraneous visits to premises (valuations etc) £25 & VAT
Preparation and service of notice to tenants for possession of property Included
Maintenance/insurance expenditure on behalf of clients 10% & VAT (based on invoice value)
Application for House in Multiple occupation Upon request
Protection of tenants’ deposit Included
Preparation of inventory Included
Referencing of tenants Included, There are no additional charges unless:
They become necessary by virtue of legislation or you have asked us to do something that falls outside the scope of our usual terms of management. In which case the charges will specifically be brought to your attention and agreed with you in advance. 




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